• Corey R. Sanders - Detailing Manager at Egger Steel Company "RLS Graphics has detailed a number of projects for our company. Randy has always put a high priority on both quality and schedule. Our shop employees have been happy with the drawings and we have had good experiences with the steel fitting good once it's in the field."
  • Nicholas Coffee "Randy's leadership in the Steel Detailing industry has helped to edify and strengthen the skills of countless detailers. His knowledge and skills have helped me become a better detailer and checker."
  • Joe Slater "I've seen Randy's work as a detailer and owner of a detailing company and I was duly impressed with his work. I joined Steel-Link web site in the late 1990s and, I'm still a member. As the founder of Steel-Link and website host, Randy has grown the membership to include steel detailers from around the world and, has given those of us who were US-bound an opportunity to learn more about steel detailers, everywhere. His website has provided a forum meeting place where the collective knowledgebase can ask questions and, receive information to solve problems as they relate to the fabricated structural steel industry."
  • Davis Parsons "Since 1995 with the establishment of Steel-Link.com, Randy has worked to ensure an open line of communication between steel detailers and he is a good miscellaneous detailer."
  • James Halun "Undoubtedly there is a key role to be played by technically-savvy team members in the ever-changing building construction sector, and this is surely going to include the CAD manager. Team members like Randy, a senior management team player who is much trained, demonstrated competence and up for the challenges will increase your firm's success."
  • Ron Heigh "I've know Randy professionally and personally since first meeting on the Steel-Link.com forums in 2004. Randy is a consummate professional, with a very concise yet calming approach to problem solving. These qualities have helped to shape Randy into the kind of person I would be proud to work for, or with."
  • Tim Quinn "Randy has been a key component in bringing together literally thousand's of Steel Detailers and Fabricators. I have gotten many new customers thanks to Randy's networking skills along with making many friends and opening up all that is going on in Steel work, from work to Design and most importantly, solutions. Everyone knows Randy. If you don't then you're not networking correctly. You can ask Randy for help with that."
  • Scott Love "Working with Randy as a Sales / Marketing team has been an experience in professionalism. Randy has clear goals with the ability to identify problems early and to provide viable solutions that are company oriented. There is no question that Randy is a valuable asset to any organization and I've appreciated working with him in every aspect of our conjoined responsibilities."
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